Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Check Out 2 Funny Posts 2 Get U Thru the Work Week

British Petroleum giving "face" to President Obama about paying for their oil spill

From Denny: Check out some funnies and hike on over to one of my other blogs, The Social Poets, for some mid-work week fun!

Funny Volcano and Weather Quotes - Cheeky Quote Day 19 May 2010 - Funny volcano and weather quotes, jokes, political cartoons and funny video all designed to make you laugh til your boss fires you for "excessive merriment."

Roundup of Late Night Funnies - 17 May 2010 - Chock full of funny video clips from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and Betty White on SNL as well as the late night show jokes and quips.

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Fav Cartoon of the Week

Ballard Street


good times