Tuesday, December 14, 2010

5 Jerkin Dance Tutorial Videos

Learn the how to of the latest dance trend around the world: Jerkin'

From Denny: Have some fun learning how to jerk dance. This dance form is considered to have originated out of the hip hop movement from 30 years ago (Hip Hop came out of the 1920's so I guess no generation is as original as we believe ourselves to be). Jerkin' is currently the most copied dance and hails from Los Angeles. Check out YouTube and you find Jerkin' enthusiasts all the way across The Pond from Germany.

Dance is great exercise for any age. The moves in Jerkin' are simple, easy to pick up and will keep you limber like yoga - but with a lot more attitude! :)

Tutorial dance moves from New Boyz

From Audio Push:

Now have some fun with what you learned:

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