Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Truth Journal: Brian Williams Returns to the MSNBC Newsroom: Welcome Back!

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A Truth Journal: Brian Williams Returns to the MSNBC Newsroom: Welcome Back!: From Denny:  Turns out that friend and boss, Andrew Lauk, over at NBC believes in second chances for good people like Brian Williams.  Well, so do I.  It's past due time for Brian Williams to come out of the cold and be welcomed back into society.  He's paid his dues, suffered embarrassment and financial and status demotion.  How much more do the Boo Birds and Jealous Journalists want?  Those odious crowds would want blood if the network was stupid enough to give it to them.

Congrats on your comeback, Brian.  Ignore the jealous petty journalists in the newsroom.  The news industry is filled to overflowing with jealous petty people, just take a glance over at The New York Times, CNN and Fox newsrooms for starters.  No surprise they exist at NBC and MSNBC.  Two words to all of them:  grow up!  And, while I'm at it dishing out advice to toxic people:  be careful the meanness you visit upon others does not come back to visit your life because it surely will...

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