Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Social Poets: New Denny Lyon Designs: 11 September 2001 Anniversary Yard Sign, T-Shirt

11 September 2012 anniversary design

The Social Poets: New Denny Lyon Designs: 11 September 2001 Anniversary Yard Sign, T-Shirt: From Denny:  Today is a special day of remembrance here in America and many parts of the world.  I created this design for my reader friends over at the Pentagon, White House, CIA, State Department and FBI for this anniversary to let them know I was thinking of them.

Proceeds go to funding my charity for homeless female military veterans.  Currently, there are only a couple of half-way houses in North Carolina - woefully underfunded - desperately trying to address the problem of over 5,000 homeless women vets.  The majority are young single mothers.

So, I'm raising funds using my art, creativity and photos for the effort, designing for a wide variety of products over at Cafe Press: clothing, technology, signage, home decor, drink ware, stationery and more.  Please take a look at Denny Lyon Gifts and express your support for the fallen - and those still healing.

September 11th Framed Tile

September 11th Framed Tile

Monday, September 10, 2012

New Denny Lyon Designs: Funny Halloween Satans Calling Black T-Shirt

Funny Satan's Calling Organic Men's Fit Tee (dark) 

Enjoy a campy Halloween all year round: Satan's calling: don't answer...

From Denny:  Check out some campy fun for Halloween!  I double dare you to answer the door to the little kiddies when you give out candy this year.  It's witty; it's fun and not too creepy for the faint of heart.

It's sure to get a laugh out of the parents standing behind their kids on the sidewalk on the Halloween Candy Walk through the neighborhood.  Definitely an alternative to the typical costume or
hours of spooky makeup.  Sport this funny shirt at those special holiday parties - or make it your motto year round.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Social Poets: Hurricane Adventure: Cooking by Candlelight on the Bayou

Hurricane Vampire Survivor Mousepad
Hurricane Vampire Survivor Mousepad

The Social Poets: Hurricane Adventure: Cooking by Candlelight on the Bayou: From Denny:  Have you ever noticed that when you go off the grid your mind turns to comedy?  OK, during a hurricane the mind often slides on down toward dark humor.

After all, your brain is geared up to engage with technology and suddenly finds itself in total withdrawal.  And, it's a good thing that humor was created.  It's the best weapon in the human arsenal for survival.

I went off the grid for three days - and hot sweaty nights - during the very long week of Hurricane Isaac...

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Social Poets: Funny Jokes: Republican Convention, Hurricane Isaac, Galilee Sex Scandal

The Social Poets: Funny Jokes: Republican Convention, Hurricane Isaac, Galilee Sex Scandal:  From Denny:  These late night jokes kept our house entertained today as we wait out Hurricane Isaac.  FYI - Today is the seven year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  Yeah, I was here for that one and Hurricane Gustav too - which did more damage in Baton Rouge than Katrina.

It does make you wonder just how desperate the Republicans are to win the White House when they contracted for CBS Scott Pelley to interview Anne Romney about her various health issues over the years.  I caught the interview this afternoon.  He actually prompted her to "tell us about your miscarriage."  You have got to be kidding me.  What did Pelley receive in exchange?  A promise for exclusive interviews if Romney wins?  

It was the most tasteless interview I've seen in years, asking her about her miscarriage episode...

Speaking of politically creepy - are you ready to get your Halloween fashion going on?  Check out my new designs over at Denny Lyon Gifts where I'm raising funds to help out homeless female military veterans:

Halloween Spider Web Clutch Bag

Halloween Spider Web helps you get your Halloween fashion going on.

* * *  Please support Warriors Pearl Foundation - helping homeless female military veterans come home.  Visit Denny Lyon Gifts  @ CafePress.com   


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