Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dennys Photo Gallery: Garden Views

From Denny: On one of my visual coffee breaks I found the most beautiful garden views. From Japanese garden landscapes to intimate closeups to Zen styled photoshopped there is something joyful and meditative for everyone to enjoy! I especially like the key hole views where you peer into a walled garden...

Garden Gate in Shanghai, China by d'n'c @ flickr

Curled fern leaf by backbackphotography @ flickr

Cute garden lizard by williamcho @ flickr

"Flutterby" Butterfly on clover blossom by tanakawho @ flickr

Humorous English garden sculpture by Crinklecrankle.com @ flickr

Le jardin provençaux de Pierre Bergé by hortulus @ flickr

Rain bucket with lotus blossom by backpackphotography @ flickr

Waterfall in Japanese garden by backpackphotography @ flickr

Red garden clogs by nadine nadeau @ flickr

Rusted Garden Gate by MyArtfulLife @ flickr

Kylemore Abbey garden door by slideshow bob @ flickr

Entry into walled garden by recursion_see_recursion @ flickr

Magic garden by Randy Son Of Robert @ flickr

Zen garden photoshop by h.koppdelaney @ flickr

Colorful Rock Garden by Margaret Anne Clarke @ flickr

A beautiful blooming walk by Margaret Anne Clarke @ flickr

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