Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Music: Fun Cartoon Video, Beatles Hard Days Night

From Denny:  Need a fun break away from your routine?  This little video is just the answer for a head trip to get you laughing once again.  Courtesy of The Beatles of a Blast From The Past - 1964 to be exact. :)

By the way some previously unreleased black and white photos from 1964 of The Beatles is up for auction this month.  The 87-year-old photographer did not realize he was sitting on a gold mine.

No one has seen these photos of the band as they have been hidden away in the old guy's photo album for almost 50 years.  Old people; gotta love 'em!

The photographer was Peter Allchorne, the studio props manager for the movie.  He seemed to ignore the ban on taking photos on the set and did it anyway.

The some 20 black and white photos go up for auction on 19 May at Omega Auctions in Cheshire, England.

Special thanks to Mara Mascaro over at Google + for finding this gem.

A Wonderful Short Film about the Game:  The Beatles: Rock Band

They managed to tell the career-spanning, mind-bending story of the Beatles in a couple of minutes, seamlessly blending well designed 2-D and 3-D styles of animation.


Art Direction by: Pete Candeland

Illustrations by: Robert Valley

Official Site:

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