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38 Creative March Desktop Wallpapers

Choose a design with or without the calendar.

From Denny: Tripping through the database of Smashing Magazine are some real beauties for wallpaper choices. I've been debuting the March ones all afternoon on my home computer. What fun to see these designs on the larger screen!

I also discovered some gifted illustrators, artists and photographers along the way. Those long hours of research are always worth the journey each month for this post. I culled four years of March wallpapers and here are my favorites. Looking for beauty, elegance and wit are my criteria that influence my choices. There are plenty more to choose from if your taste runs to graphic novel, grunge, folk art and tech.

First off is Smashing Magazine's choices for this year of March 2011. Be sure to check out the link for the artist, taking you to their website, blog, deviantart site or even their flickr page.

What do we think of when we reflect upon the month of March?  We think of Winter ending, Spring coming in on the cool winds, soaking Spring rains, the trees leafing out and green weeds.  There is the fun celebration of St. Patrick's Day.  And there is the old adage, "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb."  These designers took these all as their inspirations.

From the March 2011 Collection, available with or without the calendar:

Save The Date

"Tunisia and Egypt revolution… The beauty of freedom in two colors Red and Black." Designed by Sahra Tamo from Syria.

March Flying

"March is the time when you can spread your wings and welcome the first rays of sun." Designed by Jaro Mlkvy from Slovakia.

Lion & Lamb

"March; In like a lion, out like a lamb." Designed by Brian Hauck from USA.

Creative Juice

"Let your creative juices flow!" Designed by Junior Rumbelow from England.

Breath Of Spring

"We waited the spring for a long time . And now we can take a deep breath and enjoy the flavor of the coming spring. It’s time to wake up!" Designed by Oxana Kostromina from Poland/Russia.

Mimesis Art Prints

"Crossed Wires photographed by Lia Laroye. Calendar designed by Denis Leblanc." Designed by Mimesis Art Prints from Canada.

Listen To March

"Just listen to March, the beautiful spring month~." Designed by Kayro C from China.

Sweet March

"Digital collage, based on past and coming spring. The idea is to make it eternal or at least make it eternal in our computers! Hope you like it." Designed by Soledad Martelletti from Argentina.

For the science hounds:

Pi Day

Designed by Felix Grossar from Austria.

Spring Is Here

"Let’s put away the winter coats and start enjoying the beautiful outdoors!" Designed by Corporate 3 Design from USA.

March Hare

"Air in March is full of spring and it makes us see amazing things." Designed by Olivia Osik from Estonia.

There And Back Again

Designed by Becky Rother from USA.

Creative Bubbles

"Creative Bubbles." Designed by Avish Khan from Pakistan.

Good Time Cyclones

"Las Vegas, Nevada." Designed by Brad Cerasani from Canada.


"A daydream is a visionary fantasy, especially one of happy, pleasant thoughts, hopes or ambitions, imagined as coming to pass, and experienced while awake." Designed by Bruna Suligoj from Croatia.

Evil Plants

"This wallpaper is made for celebrate 2011 spring." Designed by Sticky Stuff from France.

Rock’n'roll Hall Of Fame

"A tribute to some of the legends inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame." Designed by Gokul Nair from India.

Other March wallpapers from other years - available without the calendar:

For St. Patrick's Day:

Lucky Me

Designed by Valerie Morgan from USA.

Good Luck

"Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Though many think that it’s the “luck of the Irish” – Irish luck is indeed bad luck. (or at least that’s what I’ve heard) So this wallpaper is a play on that with the destruction of the 4 leaf clover and the words “good luck march” trying to actually wish everyone the best of luck for the month of march even though Irish luck is seen as bad luck." Designed by Lucas Tetrault.

Road to Success

"The photograph was taken in 2009, of my little sister (Sasha Bell) walking in Cornwall, it really reminded me of “the road to success”, and I’ve had it on my desktop for a long time, so I thought others might enjoy it — it gives me a sense of excitement, freedom and the struggle we all have to archive success." Designed by Olivia Bell from England, UK.


"The bright colours of March." Designed by Ellen Xue from Canada.

Goes in like a lion and out like a lamb

"Just an illustration for march :)" Designed by Jennifer Herd from Canada.


"This is a color-work done 100% with Adobe illustrator CS4, its all about messing with gradients, transparency and a lot of blend tool. “Soom” means breath, this represents the breathing of universal time. the time of the stars." Designed by David Fernandes / Random Spirals from Portugal.

Ghost Stories

"Background picture by Esa Wendelin" Designed by Marta Miazek from Poland.

A New Day

"It’s the start of a brand new day." Designed by Stephanie Lam from Australia.

Lemonade Love

"Just a little wallpaper from me, I’m a huge fan of lemonade!" Designed by Sasha Bell from England, UK.


Designed by Jordan Scott from Canada.

March Sentense

"Just motivating sentence for March :)" Designed by Temeshi from Poland.

Escaping Winter

"I took this photo of Wharariki Beach while on holiday last month in New Zealand. I hope it brings some good weather this side of the world in March." Designed by Adam Foster from England.

Pizzicato Wail

Designed by Laura Racero from Madrid, Spain.

Clinging to Colour

"I designed this wallpaper as a typographic / abstract work paying tribute to my thoughts whilst creating it with the words inscribed. It was also an exercise of “less is more”, as the piece started out with many other elements and textures and was eventually reduced right back down to what you see today." Designed by John O’Nolan.

Magic Horse

"I like Magic and fantasy and full moon so I thought to do a fantasy with a full moon . . . finally I came up with this . . ." The wallpapers is based on the tutorial Create a magic night. Designed by Maya Sivalingam from Sri Lanka.

Computer Head

"This wallpaper features a watercolor of a guy with a computer monitor as a head, with a big eye on the screen. I work with computers a lot, and sometimes it feels like I’m turning into a computer zombie – you know, when 5 hours later you realize its 5 hours later." Designed by Nicole Hanusek from USA.

Flowers & Fly

"Its part of the calendar cyclus, a series of artworks, painted on mesh gear. The flowers and the fly symbolize the reawakening of nature and life, the rise of spring, grey fades to colors…" Designed by Werner Wagner from Germany.

First Blossoms

"First Blossom – a hand drawn tree that bursts into blossoms the first day of Spring (the 21st of March)." Designed by PeHaa from Poland.

Japanese Girl’s Day

"This calendar design is inspired by kimonos, origami birds, and the Japanese holiday Girl’s Day, which is on March 3rd each year. March 3rd is also my sister’s birthday, so I made this for her." Designed by Viil Lid from Norway and Honolulu, USA.

Birds Return

"Swallows and cherry blossom not only represent spring but are omens of good fortune. This wallpaper is about the birds finally coming back after winter and having a good gossipy catch up on all the news. Things are getting brighter. Listen out in the mornings and you’ll hear them." Designed by Suzie Knight from Leeds, UK.


Designed by Martin Dörsch from Austria.

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