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35 Stunning Wallpapers For February

Choose your favorite of the month to enjoy!

From Denny: Uh, oh, I'm guilty of one of my favorite pleasures. Yes, I've been cavorting around in the deep dark wallpaper archives of Smashing Magazine. Oh, the sins of a woman! :)  Here for your pleasure too - since I might as well make myself useful on the web - are my favorites from the past two years of February choices.  This only took about three hours to research and load so knock yourselves out and fall over like a purring cat from too much petting.  Besides, I like to give some of my fellow artist types a second round of links and traffic for all their hard work!

Month of Love

"Single day (14th) of a month for love is too little, so celebrate the full February as a Month of Love." Designed by Rana Majumder from India.

"Love Scrabble" anyone?

Indian Valentines Day

"An Indian Valentines Day Decorative Typography." Designed by Atma Creative Team from India.

Love Compose

Designed by Kayro C from China.

This is a really lovely low key design that wears well on your eyes as the day goes on.

Year of the Rabbit by siewhui

"February is here and along with February the Chinese will celebrate Chinese New Year. With this being said the Chinese will usher in the year of the Rabbit by first telling the Tiger to leave. They will then lure the fabled long-eared beast with an appetizing, delectable, exquisite, luscious, palatable, savory, scrumptious and well-prepared, fresh out of the ground wholesome carrot. YUM SENG!!" Designed by siewhui from Singapore.

A cheeky design from a gregarious Chinese - love it!


"It’s still not too late to plan your 2011." Designed by Ssu-Hua Chen from Australia.


"Who says doodles isn’t art? What someone draws unconsciously can oftentimes be the most significant visualization of their stream of thought. Also, it’s therapeutic to doodle. And fun!" Designed by Jen Cheng from Canada.

OK, now I'm inspired to send in my own zany colorful art doodles for a calendar desktop wallpaper...

For the Birds

"An old birdcage in the sky." Designed by Kristen Cook from USA.

Too Long

"February, because sometimes, months are just too long." Designed by Ben Garratt from England.

Bundle Up

Designed by Kristin G Jackson from USA.

Kristin is a wonderful illustrator - check out her site.

Feel Flows

Designed by Peter Geiger from USA.

Too bad this guy didn't give a link where he could be found.  I like the strong strokes here.


"We want colors on our screen, if the world outside is still grey and cold." Designed by Lotum from Germany.

Winter’s Hope

"February is usually the coldest month – but spring is already lingering behind the lone tree:-)." Designed by Stefan M. Schmidt from Germany.

What a beautiful scene - with - look for it - wait for it -  a tiny tiny tree!

Swan Love

Designed by Francisco Jesús García Linares from Spain.

Fuzzy Feeling

We all have the fondest dreams that give us this warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Even if they seem too incredible to come true, always cherish them, as they keep us alive. Happy February everybody!" Designed by Lina Itskovitch from USA.

Bunch of Snowdrops

Designed by Maja Petric from Serbia.

When I lived in Atlanta I grew these lovely Snowdrops and they sure are a welcome sight when winter begins to thaw just a bit.

Frozen Bike

"February is freezing and the frozen bike has its rest. It becomes part of the landscape." Designed by Ester Liquori from Italy.

I am so not getting on for a ride on this bike!  These kind of photos are ever so romantic until you have to face cleaning off the rust come Spring thaw. :)

From previous years - just download the version without the calendar:


"February is the month for doing the things you love and loving the things you do." Designed by Heldrik Lynch from Peru.

February Sentense 

"Just motivating sentence for February :)" Designed by Temeshi from Poland.

This is a delightful site to find all kinds of typography quote goodies for download.

Month of Hearts

"February the month of Valentines, I hope this month brings many Valentines to you." Designed by Stephanie Lam from Australia.

Sheer simplicity and looks wonderful without the calendar even more so.


"This is a bird (Tangara desmaresti) from my country, with the color from our symbols and flames." Designed by Romy Campos from Brazil.

This little colorful bird is smashing on the desktop and turned out to be one of my favorites.


Designed by Segers Sven from Belgium.

Colourful Life

"January takes the winter with it. February comes with colorful life…" Designed by Rajeesh from India.

This looks good any time of year and would look great in the summer too because of the butterflies in flight.

Snow Rainbow Cat

"Don’t worry rainbow kitty. The snow is melting and soon the sun will return and make the colors of the rainbow shine bright."

"I got inspired by the song “Colors of The Rainbow” by Dj Skeptyk." Designed by Rolies Renske from Belgium.

For all the cat lovers out in virtual land. Just think, when we people types get sad from too much winter weather our cats can come to the rescue and cough up rainbows instead of the hairballs. :) What an imagination this guy has!


"Happy Valentine’s Day." Designed by Dragos M from Romania.

This looks stunning on the desktop and the calligraphy is beautiful.

Bird Love

"A motive is dedicated to all that keeps warm with love in cold winter days." Designed by Art design, Tina Krašovec from Slovenia.

Chocolate Heartz for Valentines

"Valentines Day chocolates are the perfect gifts to melt a heart." Designed by Manish Jinwal from India.

This looks hilarious on the desktop and a real "must choice."

Love flight

"Let’s up in the clouds in this February. You shoud give credence the love flight." Designed by Roman Volkov aka dacascas from Russia.

True Love

"Valentines Day chocolates are the perfect gifts to melt a heart." Designed by Manish Jinwal from India.


"Blowing Valentine kisses to everyone you know!" Designed by VeraART from Brussels, Belgium.

Love Wallpaper

"Suffering from unrequited love? Care to attract your sweetheart right now?Try this free Love Wallpaper at work!Post your and your love’s pic files so that they fitted into the Love Wallpaper’s face silhouettes… Done! Meet your valentine, friend!" Designed by Rumake Web Agency from Russia.

This is quite the artwork of incredible detailing you will enjoy any time of year.

It’s a French Kind of Love

Designed by Nicole Dominguez from USA.

Eternal Battle

"Eternal battle between photographers – to use them or not to use them…" Designed by Martin Cajzer from United Kingdom (originally Poland).

This is very funny, sure to keep you grinning every time you view it on your desktop.

Good any time of the year!

Good Morning

"While wandering in the desert (you are on some kind of secret mission),the night catches you up and you fall exhausted, dehydrated and pass out.This is the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning…" Designed by Akif Top from Sweden.

This one looks especially good on the desktop!  What a way to greet us in the morning when we are bleary-eyed and in need of that first cup of coffee.

Everyday Love

"Designed for daily inspiration and encouragement to live a life of love." Designed by Millicent Bowman from USA.

This one is delightful as it quotes the famous Love Quote.

Grunge Love Hearts

"This isn’t the most amazing and complex of designs, but a lot of the times, simplicity is the beauty of things… this isn’t 100% simple, but it’s edging there! :)" Designed by Rosanna Bell from England, UK.

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