Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Music: Amy Winehouse, Her Bright Star Leaving

Amy Winehouse

From Denny: Music legend Amy Winehouse (1983 - 2011) died this week on July 23rd, a victim of too much fame in too short a time, according to one of her closest band members. She was loved by many, all of whom tried to help her with her extreme addictions but to no avail.

Her music, her grab you lyrics, her powerful voice, her intense attitude were all of another era - and all the best eras combined. She was a five time Grammy winner, an R & B Soul tortured torch singer. Music critics and fans alike lauded her and her music. She will be greatly missed. 

The good news is she was at work on another album and left us about another seven tracks. The album was never finished. It will be interesting to see if her band pulls together to finish it as they would be the most likely ones to safeguard her musical legacy.

Amy was found dead at her London home at age 27. Enjoy some of her music and think a kind thought for her.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Social Poets: Funny Late Nite Jokes: Casey Anthony Trial, News Corp Scandal, Debt Ceiling

Comic Jon Stewart calls Fox News on their many lies

The Social Poets: Funny Late Nite Jokes: Casey Anthony Trial, News Corp Scandal, Debt Ceiling: "From Denny: This past week comics had plenty to lampoon. William and Kate, the celebrated British royals came for a visit to California while on the continent. There was an outburst of royal fever while they collected funds for their favorite charities. Recently married this was their first excursion as a duo and they were warmly received everywhere they visited.

Casey Anthony Trial Verdict

On the darker side: the Casey Anthony trial, where a young single mother was accused of killing her two-year-old daughter. Jurors acquitted her, delivering a surprise verdict. The whole country erupted in indignation because everyone assumed her guilty."

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dennys Funny Quotes: Funny Movie Trailer: Horrible Bosses

Dennys Funny Quotes: Funny Movie Trailer: Horrible Bosses: "From Denny:  Hey, it's Monday!  In honor of the Front Day of the Work Week - where groans and moans are heard throughout the nation as we sit in rush hour traffic, bleary-eyed and barely awake - why not get a good laugh?

I've been waiting for the longer movie trailer like this one to come out.  Of course, my computer crashed last week and had to replace it with a new love of my life so that delayed me getting this clip up on this blog.  While I was in technology oblivion I was reduced to snail TV yet every time this trailer came on TV it made me laugh.  Share a grin with me and think about how you want to take back your power - and, in many cases, your dignity - from your annoying Horrible Bosses!"

Visual Insights: Dennys Photo Gallery: Funny Monkeys Make You Smile

squirrel monkey

This is what I think of my really horrible boss at work photo by floridapfe @ flickr

Visual Insights: Dennys Photo Gallery: Funny Monkeys Make You Smile: "From Denny: Well, not all of them actually qualify as real monkeys but hey, stretch your imagination and enjoy their antics as they mug for the camera!  I've been collecting these funny and cute photos for a couple of weeks now.

Would have had them up sooner for you but the computer crashed and had to replace it.  When I got back up online yet another surprise:  Blogger decided to make a gazillion changes to 'blogger in draft' and the bugs are still not worked out for bloggers.  They have some great ideas and are offering some wonderful new gadgets and different features as you post.

But for now they have slowed me down to two or three posts a day because it's like swimming through mud waiting for the draft to accept everything.  I sure will be glad when it's all worked out and I can get back to seven posts or more a day!  Until then, get some smiles from these cute monkeys, both human and animal."

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Computer Crashed This Week, Back Up Soon

From Denny: It had to happen sooner or later, right? The Dell Dimension was lingering like a slow tortoise crossing the road and stopping traffic. It just turned five years old.

After a few days of trying to fix it on my own I finally admitted defeat and took it into Office Depot. When I got the high quote I knew the Universe was advising me it was time to purchase a new one for practically the same price. It was just a couple of weeks ago I was in there, cruising the tech aisles, drooling over the terrabyte goodies while my husband grinned and shook his head.

So, yesterday, my husband looked at me and looked at the old guy Dell and said it was time to meet the new BFF guy on the block: HP. Happy Birthday to me a few weeks early. My husband turned to me today and said, "Someone's in a better mood - and so much happier. Welcome back to the plugged in human race." :)

Oh, and for the Fourth weekend Office Depot has lots of great sales on computers and other happy tech goodies.  If you are like me, finally having to part with an old friend, take a look around.  Who knows?  You just might meet the new love of your life!

*** Photo by babyymomma123 @ photobucket


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