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Funny Art: Election Pundit

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From Denny:  The presidential election has been thrust upon us whether we want it or not.  The media is busy talking up even the worst of candidates they know will not survive the primaries.  Why?  The networks and media moguls want those advertising dollars from said desperate candidates.

Then there are the either boring or disingenuous political talk shows slanted to produce yet more advertising dollars.  It's all a game - while the average American, voter or not, gets the shaft.

This drawing of mine is a classic as it was drawn back in 1998 when I tried to warn people not to vote for George Bush 43.  Guess you know how well that worked out.  :)

When it come to human behavior, well, some things never change.  Election pundits spend all their time looking for openings of opportunity to plug and advance their candidate - who is paying them millions of dollars to do so.

Pundits also look for opportunities to trash the opposition.  That is supposed to generate "buzz" in the media to get the average guy talking.  That buzz, in turn, yes, you guessed it, makes the election pundit yet more money as his candidate rakes in more donations.

What is the one thing that never happens when an election pundit is running his mouth?  He never listens to the voters - just listening with only one ear to his opportunities to make more money.

So, here's my funny art - and mocking - special take of a stuffed shirt and tie with only one ear - and absolutely no head.  Why?  Because election pundits are not interested in solving the problems of the country - so that's why they are depicted with no head or brain.

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