Friday, April 8, 2011

The Social Poets: Government Shutdown and Cartoons: Courtesy of Tea Party and GOP

Boehner And CantorGOP Cantor, left, GOP Speaker Boehner, right - Image by TalkMediaNews via Flickr
The Social Poets: Government Shutdown and Cartoons: Courtesy of Tea Party and GOP: "This budget mess is a dark farce, courtesy of the Republicans and their inbred political cousins, the Tea Party. The GOP hates women and they hate giving federal funding for women's health care.

Millions of women depend upon that funding in Title 10 which provides reproductive and preventative care. Since it is mainly low-income women who are the beneficiary of these funds, Republicans don't care. After all, low-income people are not their voting demographic. Nor have they ever done anything for women either.

The whole process is disingenuous. To get the $100 billion the Tea Party demands, it's obvious: all you have to do is stop these idiot wars in Afghanistan and Iraq where we spend billions per month. And now our heavy involvement in Libya is equally expensive - to the tune of $1 million per Tomahawk missile fired to enforce the No-Fly Zone.

Want more easy cuts? Try the $1 billion 'tax cuts' for the wealthy that President Obama gave away far too easily, especially when 70 percent of the entire country said they did not want the rich to get tax cuts. He foolishly did it anyway. And now, here we are months later, with all of Congress and the President looking stupid in this budget fight."


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