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35 Stunning April Wallpapers

From Denny:  OK, I found all my favorites for the month of April out there in Wallpaper Land and posted them here for you. These are mainly desktop wallpapers, available without the calendars and in various sizes. Don't worry about the screen shot if it has a year on it as there are those images available without a specific date.  All of these images were vetted to avoid that frustration. There are some wallpapers available for smaller technology than a desktop and there are links to the designers' sites. These beauties were found in the "basement archives" of Smashing Magazine. Enjoy!

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April Showers

"Living in Seattle, there are always showers…especially in April" Designed by Lauren Curtis from United States.

Night Sight

"I always feel a little bit like L. B. Jefferies when I stand on my flat roof and look at all those lives flowing in front of me." Designed by Felowsisters from Spain.


"April signifies the start of the wedding season for many photographers. To celebrate this, I took my favorite image from my first Spring Wedding shoot and turned it into a Wallpaper to share with other wedding photography enthusiasts!" Designed by Emily Hancock from UK.

Shifting Seasons

"I live in a small town near the Alps, so that’s why i designed a wallpaper for April that represent the end of winter and the coming of spingtime, cause, just now, snow begin to melt and plants begins to blossom." Designed by Andrea Motta from Italy.


"Alectryon is the Ancient Greek word for “rooster”. In Greek mythology, Alectryon was a boy, charged by Ares to stand guard outside his door while the god indulged in illicit love with Aphrodite. He fell asleep, and Helios, the sun, walked in on the couple. Ares turned Alectryon into a rooster, which never forgets to announce the arrival of the sun in the morning.
This design is my modern day interpretation of Alectryon, a conventional man who, with the rising of the sun each day, transforms into a half rooster mongrel and runs through the suburbs screaming, “The sky is falling!”" Designed by Michelle Milla from St. Louis, Missouri, USA.


"In one of our photo sessions at home, these lovebirds we announced that spring had arrived. We want to share with you these pictures to you that spring is here." Designed by Eva Casado from Spain.

Over the Trees

"Bright and full of optimism, spring is in the air for good now." Designed by PeHaa from Poland.

Spring is in the Air!

"My motivation for this wallpaper is that I’m nuts about tulips, so I like springtime for more than just the warmer weather…
ps. I used the Aldo typefont Designed by Marjolein van den Bos from Holland.

April Flower

"I bought this flower last week to celebrate the beginning of spring. When I came home and dropped it on the mail on my desk I saw that it could be a nice picture." Designed by Edwin Duinkerken from The Netherlands.

New Beginnings

"I created this calendar thinking of the spring time and the transition of the season. I love the single tree i made giving the whole image a dramatic look paired with modern style with the execution of the words april." Designed by Yoyo Sese from Philippines.

Always Marry an April Girl

"This wallpaper is inspired by Ogden Nash’s poem, “Always Marry an April Girl” and is dedicated to my little sister, whose birthday is on the 5th." Designed by Amanda Moore from Toledo, OH, USA.

Waiting for Spring

"This is my latest piece i did to reflect my spring mood.
To me spring is the time when i just can’t wait for summer to come, it’s like when nature is teasing you with warm weather, but it’s not quite warm enough yet. So you end up waiting impatiently for the summer to come." Designed by Elena Savitskaya from London, UK.

Flower Bird

"This wallpaper has a layered Spring time look. I’ve used several paper and cardboard textures to create a rugged and raw texture. The photos of the flowers and bird that blend in to the texture, soften the ruggedness of the texture. I chose the month of April because my birthday is in that month. I love to watch the flowers bloom and hear the birds chirp. The photos of the flowers were taken in Amsterdam in April 2005, so they are genuine April flowers." Designed by Sarah Pead from USA.


"The egg is a symbol of spring as well as Easter…so that’s my coloured one, directly from space! :) " Designed by Giada Degli Agostini from Italy.

Bird on a Branch By ajmaines

Unknown bird sitting on a branch at the Bronx Zoo in the Bronx, New York.

Postcard from SF

"A personal postcard from Molden, mountain top in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. Great view, though only a small taste is given through this postcard. Should I say: Visit Norway!?" Designed by Asbjørn Ness from Norway.

April Sentense

"Just motivating sentence for April :)" Designed by Temeshi from Poland.

April Sky

"The derivation of the name April (Latin Aprilis) is uncertain. The traditional etymology is from the Latin aperire, “to open,” in allusion to its being the season when trees and flowers begin to “open,”" Designed by Sagar from Bangladesh.

Sunrise Grazing

"April is one of my favourite months, in England everything begins to come to life and the sun is out! I know it’s Easter, but I know a lot of people don’t always like Easter wallpapers, so here’s something different!" Designed by Olivia Bell from England, UK.

TreE MadNeSs

Designed by Pietje Precies from The Netherlands.

I Heart April

Designed by Elyse Jones from USA.

Cinematic Squirrel

"There is just something awesome about opening your laptop and having the eyes of a quirrel stare deep into your soul. Maybe it’s just me, but I absolutely love it!" Designed by Jake Donahue from USA.

Wash Away

"For my home country, April is always a rainy season filled with cherished memory of the deceased. The rain is washing away our sorrow and cleansing the earth where our beloved lying under" Designed by Jade Cheng from USA.

Love the Earth

"April 22nd is Earth Day, but shouldn’t every day be?" Designed by Phidev Inc. from USA.

Sunset Playtime

"I created this while I was reminiscing about my childhood and how much fun i had playing when the sun was setting. I wish i could rewind time and go back to those days of just feeling free." Designed by Elyse Jones from USA.

Creeping Up

"Another month creeping up on us. Seems like 2010 just started, but here’s April!" Designed by Kris Koubaddy from United States.

Miss April

Designed by Tijana Bulatovic from Serbia.

Legs Legs Legs

"I thought I’d try to make something fun and cheerful for April, and not overly Easter-ish! Just a little funky wallpaper – probably mainly for girls!! Happy April 2010!" Designed by Rosanna Bell from England, UK.

Imagine April

"Use this wallpaper as an motivation for your creation." Designed by Klement Grgić from Croatia.

Global Warming Warning

"I just wanted to remind you, guys, that we should all take care of our planet and don’t forget about global warming too! ;)" Designed by Andrei Verner from Russia.

New Beginnings

"Designed for daily inspiration and encouragement to live life." Designed by Millicent Bowman from USA.

Little April

"In the spring I have a lot on my mind and no rest day." Designed by Anna Skibinska from Poland.

Blooming Blue

“Blooming Blue represents my anticipation of winter (while the rest of the world – in the northern hemisphere – talks about spring blooming).” Designed by Kristarella from Australia.


Dedicated to classical music! Done in Photoshop with Wacom tablet. Available in 12 desktop resolutions — both widescreen and fullscreen. Designed by Vlad Gerasimov from Irkutsk, Russia.

Norwegian Easter

"To me, and I guess many others, the Easter holiday is about skiing. This beatiful Beetle broke down outside my dad’s house while I was visiting last week, and of course I had to take a picture. The rose pattern is from a traditional Norwegian knitting pattern, from the 1800s." Designed by Linda Sandvik.

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