Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Truth Journal: Obama And DOJ Harassing 3 Million Voters - and Journalists - With New Tactic

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A Truth Journal: Obama And DOJ Harassing 3 Million Voters - and Journalists - With New Tactic: From Denny:  As an Independent and a liberal I rarely take the Louisiana newspapers seriously.  Most of their red state conclusions from the news are flawed thinking at best and so opinionated the facts get lost in the shuffle. Most, like my Baton Rouge paper, The Advocate, are too busy advancing the promotion of scare tactics from the Republican propaganda machine.

However, the facts remain to be seen clearly from the latest DOJ's suspect and downright sinister wrongdoing.  You know it's really bad when I finally write about it.  The DOJ is claiming their need for private information of almost 3 million Louisiana voters - and thousands of  journalists in that database - as necessary to protect the voting rights of the possibly disenfranchised, primarily African-Americans and Hispanics.  And what ever happened to my rights:  my civil rights, my constitutional right to vote unhindered, both as a journalist and as a liberal voter?

The rights of the many are getting trampled in the aggressive effort "claiming" to protect the rights of the few.  It is becoming more and more evident the DOJ actions are not truly about helping disenfranchised voters but something else...

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