Friday, August 2, 2013

A Truth Journal: Russia Steps Up: Gifts Snowden Asylum AND Whistleblower Status

Edward Snowden, Hong Kong, June 2013/Guardian

A Truth Journal: Russia Steps Up: Gifts Snowden Asylum AND Whistleblower Status: From Denny:  Russian President Putin surprised the world today and thoroughly infuriated the American government.

He stepped up, courageously smacking Obama in the face, and handed Snowden the gift of a life time: asylum from interrogation, torture and the death penalty in America.

What Putin also handed Snowden was standing in the court of international opinion, indirectly declaring Snowden a whistleblower instead of a traitor to his country.  Putin one, Obama definitely zero.  Other countries will follow suit and offer asylum as well within a few weeks because none of them were too thrilled at how shabbily Obama treated them.

As usual, President Obama over played his hand and this time it was trying to match wits with a cagey ex-intelligence guy.  Well, Obama and his thuggish cohorts can't say I didn't warn them.  They were offered the easiest and most painless game plan to get themselves out of the trick box and ignored it to their detriment.  Even Putin graciously gave them quite a long time to correct their rookie mistakes as he could not believe his good fortune of this situation so easily landing in his lap.  Instead, like crazed fools Obama, Congress and the Pentagon just kept digging. They really have allowed power to go to their heads...

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