Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Animation: Cute Valentines Day Doodle From Google


From Denny:  This is a delightful, animated, funny video about what women really want.  Hint:  It isn't about the type of gifts, what brand name they are or how much they cost.  It also addresses relationship equality and how materialism isn't always the answer to life's dilemmas - even with the help of Google searches!

Google's Valentine's Day Doodle is All Heart -- and Some Politics

Michael Lipman partnered with Google to create the video.  He is of the Happy Tree Friends fame.  A little boy on the school ground has a crush on a little girl that is busy jumping rope.  He tries to woo her with gifts found from Google searches.  Each one is turned down with a frown and disinterest.

Meanwhile, singer Tony Bennett's song of  "Cold, Cold Heart" plays in the background.  The little boy lavishes her with roses, heart-boxed chocolates, a diver's helmet, a bunny in a magician's hat and even a paper airplane flies by to press his suit.  He feels defeated.  Yet he returns one more time in an effort to win her affection.  Find out how he does - all without the use of Google searches and special gifts.

After the video are images of other happy couples in a montage: a spaceman and an alien, a princess and a frog, a dog and a cat, two nerds, a cookie and a carton of milk, two men wearing tuxedos and holding hands.

Right before Valentine's Day Washington state legalized gay marriage.  Google is known for supporting gay rights legislation.

Any way you view it, the video is all about different kinds of love that aren't the result of consumerism, Google searches and special gifts.  Hats off to Google for a humble approach to sell their brand.  It isn't every day a business giant like Google can admit they are not the answer to every problem in life. :)

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