Friday, August 17, 2012

The Social Poets: What Obama and Romney Should Be Talking About: These 2 Sick Little Girls

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The Fish girls:  Alice, left and Natalie, right -  Source:  Fishes For Marrow Wishes-Sisters

The Social Poets: What Obama and Romney Should Be Talking About: These 2 Sick Little Girls: From Denny:  It's time to stop the madness along with the childish political campaign bickering.  Americans don't want to hear it anyway.  There are bigger issues at stake like the lives of these two seriously ill little girls from Utah, Natalie and Alice Fish.  In light of what this one American family is enduring should shame all the national politicians who are so self-absorbed they have not stopped long enough to notice.

I'm so disgusted with the 2012 election's childish name-calling tone and enabling media encouraging it that I change the channel constantly.  As a respite yesterday I went up on my page at Google + to catch up on those who friended me.

Well, it turned out these little Fish girls' parents friended me (that's a link to their Google+ page).  It's a good thing I always take the time to read a profile page or I might have missed this struggling life drama of a middle class family.  These little girls are real troopers and have been living in and out of hospitals since they were born.  Their parents are to be commended for going the distance with not just one child but now two with this rare problem. 

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