Monday, April 5, 2010

Dennys Photo Gallery: Spectacular Sunrises

From Denny: Spring is here in all its glory and this Sunday was also the celebration of Easter. We celebrate the spiritual victory over death, a recognition of the death and rebirth cycle of Nature. Many people visit sunrise services. These photos are from all over this beautiful world, from Canada to the Maldives, from the winter sunrise to the summer. A new beginning and a new day is always so beautiful and refreshingly welcome. Enjoy the view!

Maldives Palm tree sunrise by Badruddeen @ flickr

Blue moon sunrise by Lost In The RP @ flickr

Milwaukee sunrise by Indy Kethdy @ flickr

Lighthouse sunrise by Indy Kethdy @ flickr

Farm sunrise by Muffet @ flickr

Sunrise paddling on North Canadian River by FreeWine @ flickr

Winter beach sunrise by James Jordan @ flickr

Water picnic sunrise by Indy Kethdy @ flickr

Red sunrise over water by joiseyshowaa @ flickr

New Year's Sunrise by nattu @ flickr

Sunrise at Dripping Springs by FreeWine @ flickr

Sunrise at the pier by Irargerich @ flickr

Maldives sunrise and boat by Badruddeen @ flickr

Omega Sunrise by Irargerich @ flickr

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