Friday, March 26, 2010

Funny Comics Review The News - 26 Mar 2010

From Denny: Want to know what's on the minds of comics when they watch the news? Here's your chance as several comics review everything from the sorry Sandra Bullock Oscar saga of a jerk husband, Sarah Palin's odd reality TV show, health care reform drama, Vice President Joe Biden's potty mouth statement on microphone in front of national TV cameras about how great it was to pass the health care bill, the state of California's possible legalization of marijuana and the weird former Presidents: George Bush "43" oddly wiping his hand off on Bill Clinton's shoulder. What drugs is he on now?

If you ever wanted a comedian to be your news anchor here's your chance as three comics gather around with The Early Show host, Harry Smith, to discuss the news and solve all the problems of the world in an amusing way.

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